Green and Golden Snake

written 6/26/2015

by Megan Blaney aka wiedienacht

eye closed

The green and golden snake is hanging

Upon the basement stairs

It whispers to me softly

I can take away your cares

I’m the end you’re seeking

The hollowness you’re feeling

Can’t affect you here

Underneath the stair case

Between the spider’s webs

Near empty cans of paint and

Forgotten dolls with no heads

I push away the whispers every time I go

Down into the basement

To stow or fetch my clothes

But the wear begins to show

Perhaps I should relocate

The green and golden snake

So he no longer bothers me

But that would be like losing

My best company


Let’s Have Us A

little chat

written 4/27/2015

by Megan Blaney aka wiedienacht

Why do I feel worse now

Isn’t this supposed to be a cleansing

Of air

A release of some sort

The beginning of my recovery

As it were

But I don’t trust you

I keep my secrets


I lied

I will reinvent you into someone who

Can know me

Am I


Using this as an opportunity

Not to face

This gnawing this hunger inside me

Tearing me open from within

This heat searing inside


But I don’t want to

I can’t


Let’s just forget we had this little chat


For you and me both

That way

Well at least

Better for me

I don’t know you