Ode to California, Our Sinking Garden

written 06/26/2015

by Megan Blaney aka wiedienacht

I stand on the fence posts
Splitting ties with ignorance
Reckless hope for what I don’t know
Brought me here, but won’t let go
Chokes desire instead, with harsh fingers
Wrapped ‘round my throat

Tongue twisted, mind muddled
Eyes clamped shut, still light hisses through
The fringes of soiled eye lashes
Fingers clasped tightly together
Afraid to peel away and discover
The emptiness they hold in one another

Crows caw caw craw
Single notes of haughty reproach
Chasing me further down this hole
I’ve dug out for myself, overnight
Pushing aside the roots and moles
Dirt mixes with blood

Under my nails and clumps
In my hair, I’ll never get it out

The fence posts above my head now
Rot away against an indifferent sky
Beside abandoned soil skimmed fields
Belonging only now to sticks and
Drought hardy, hardened bugs
Feral dogs and guilty cats

Stalk amid the long dried stalks
Hunt starving snakes and
Worm riddled mangled rats