Today’s Random Thought

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, creepy kitty...

Here kitty, kitty, kitty, creepy kitty…

Today I started a “Happiness Cat.” It’s like a “Happiness Jar” but I used a cat instead, since I don’t have a jar. Not a real cat. That would be inhumane. And messy.

What’s a “Happiness Cat” then, you may ask? Or not. I’m going to tell you anyway. It’s a ceramic cat (or jar, or bottle, or fish bowl, preferably empty and clean) that you put slips of happiness into. Every day, at least once, you write one or two sentences about something that brought you joy (or at least mild amusement), and put them into the cat. (The ceramic one.)

Then, if you’re feeling blue on a particular day (or every night) you can reach a hand into the cat and pull out a bit of happiness (…again, I feel the need to stress the ceramic cat. Otherwise, one or both of you may end up in an emergency room.)

I ripped the idea off of someone’s Facebook feed, who ripped it off of someone else. Please feel free to rip it off again, for that’s the beauty of the internet, really.


Today’s Random Thought

Warning, the following random thought does contain some vulgar language because I contain vulgar language. Don’t read it if vulgar language offends you. I will delete your complaint comment if you read it anyway and become offended. This is not a poem. So don’t read it if you wanted to read a poem. Go read a poem instead. I do have a few on my site…

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