Who am I?

Good question, still figuring that out. I’ve been a cashier, a bank teller, mortgage processor, and most recently “office manager” of a “green” auto repair shop, but no longer. I don’t think jobs define a person, do you? But it’s so standard to include them.

Right now, I’m in a state of flux. I’m a little of something, but mostly nothing. Hopefully blogging helps me define myself.

Why read my blog?

I’ll be posting journal entries, poems, artwork, short stories.. pretty much anything I create I will add here. If you’re interested in any of that stuff, or would like to offer helpful tips along the way, or share your own struggles – feel free to follow my blog and comment!

I’ll also be posting various random other things regarding self discovery, interesting things I learn, etc.

In closing, I hope this blog reflects my attempt at a convergence of scattered ideas, pieces that as a whole make a up picture of who I am and who I hope to become.That brings me to why I’m here: I want to share that journey with anyone who’d like to tag along.


One thought on “About

  1. Update, I recently took down a wonderful opportunity to work in a normal environment surrounded by normal people. It went down in flames, of course, as so much of what I touch does. So here I am, crawling back to the only place that I’ve ever found meaning. Begging for re-acceptance into yet another world I don’t really belong to. Along the way, I’ll post bitter poems about my own inadequacy for your enjoyment. Self-depreciating articles that I hope at least are mildly tinged with humor to take the edge of the pain I feel and perhaps you feel by proxy reading.

    Thank you, by the way, for reading, it’s so much easier to suffer alongside other people. Although if we ever met in person I doubt we’d like each other. Sorry, my self hatred is projecting. I do that a lot. Please don’t take it personally dear reader.

    Maybe we can find common ground? There are diamonds in the murk, after all. (We’ll just not think about the blood spilled unearthing them.)


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